I'm very happy with my new hearing aids from Oregon Hearing and Speech. Now, I am hearing sounds alot clearer, than I ever had before. I like the new location at Gresham Urgent Care too. Roger Liburdy"

I am Ann Anderson, I am very happy with my new hearing aids. I have had trouble with hearing, since I was 9 months old. In Portland, Oregon get your hearing aids from Oregon Hearing and Speech Center.."

Thomas R. Conover of Gresham, a civil engineer and PhD, wears two hearing aids:

"John Dillow and I have had a great business relationship since 1999. We have also become good friends! We spent close to three years getting my first devices to fit well ... they kept working loose. Since then, I am now on new ones with digital electronic programming."

"Always cheerful and patient, John has a near obsession with pleasing – so he always supplies good service! John is honest, ethical and a good man.

Mary Sandercock of Sandy, Oregon, wears two completely in-the-canal hearing aids:

"A special thank you for the prompt, excellent service and reliability. It is so important to hear and understand in all types of situations; it's called quality of life."

"Thanks John Dillow, for your special quality of care."

Beverly Underwood, an Oregon Hearing and Speech Center customer since 1990:

"John is the most wonderful hearing aid specialist in Oregon!"

"I have known him for 20 years and he has always been professional, fair and – most importantly – caring of this client."

Carol Nykerk, an Oregon Hearing and Speech Center customer since 1999:

"John Dillow is the best in the business."

"He is always there for me and always fixes my hearing aids immediately. Rarely do my aids need to be sent out – John fixes them for me right on the spot."

Melva Zialcita of Gresham:

"My Mother's hearing much better now!"

"She has a profound, bilateral hearing loss and cannot hear without hearing aids. John has been helping her hear for several years and we're happy with his service."



I would like to thank Michael Baird at the Oregon Hearing and Speech Center for helping me gert my hearing aids. Through him I was directed how to proceed so that workmans comp would take care of my hearing needs.  After receiving my hearing aids his help has continued whenever I needed batteries, advice, or adjustments. It was not what I expected when I received my hearing aids, IT WAS BETTER.  Not having people repeat themselves especially my wife, hearing a conversation in a crowd, a bird, frog, the blinker on my car, and best of all the TV is not cranked up to where everyone else can't stand it. Thanks for all of your help.   Russ McKay

Portland Oregon 12/10/2007       Oregon Hearing and Speech Center

Michael Baird

Dear Sir,             I got a set of Oticon-Corda over the ear Hearing aids from you on May 3rd 2006.  I have worn them everyday since.  To me they are the best, no irritation to the ear canal or behind the ear.  They are easy to put on and remove, easy to maintain, no problem using the phone.  They don't squeal when you lay your head on a pillow.  I have got so used to them and they fit so good that sometimes when I go to bed at night I have forgotten to remove them, so up I get and do it.  When I tell people I have hearing aids they ask me to show them as they are not noticed with only the fine hearing tube exposed. I highly recommend this type of hearing aid to anyone who needs hearing aids, and there is no better place to get them than at Oregon Hearing and Apeech Center.  Ask for Michael Baird I would not be without my hearing aids, wow!     Norman A Cowell, Portland, Oregon  P.S. you can call Oregon Hearing and Speech Center and get my Phone number if you would like to talk to me.

 Dear Mike,

          Thank you! Thank you! for the Delta ad in the paper, it was just what my husband needed to try for hearing aids, and we are "both" thrilled with the amazing results.  Gail is hearing things for the first time, like the turning signal in the car, as we drove home we got a big kick out of it.  The television has been turned down which makes me very happy, and he keeps asking me not to talk so loud which is a switch.  I haven't heard the word huh all day long. Our family birthday dinner at a restaurant on tuesday will be a big test, and we are looking forward to it.  We are excited about things continuing to improve in the weeks ahead.

           Best to all of you!

                    Gail & Pauline Jacobsen  


To whom it may concern:  I moved to Oregon from Arizona and into the Town Center Village one and a half years ago. Since I no longer drive a automobile it is difficult to get around.  I am so pleased to have the service of your Hearing and Speech Center.  The gentleman Michael Baird is most helpful, thank you!  Sincerely,  Mrs. Iris Fallinstad